I talked about change in a recent blog and yesterday I came across the following poem that I wrote some years when I was an aspiring poet 🙂 Just thought I’d share it.


The stars above, the earth below,
The mighty, effervescent sea,
Are moving always to and fro
In everlasting harmony
And underlying unity
Exemplifying certainty . . . of change

A river with no place to go
Grows rancid with the stench of death.
It has a need to freely flow,
Unfettered through eternity
To manifest its destiny.
It welcomes opportunity to grow.

But man held fast by fear does show
No fondess for the winds of change
He turns from what he doesn’t know
Preferring undeniably
What pain he knows — what he can see,
to unfamiliarity; and so,

His life becomes his death. Although
He tells himself it’s meant to be,
He shuns the face the mirror shows:
Too weary to be such as he,
Too lacking in profundity,
too etched with the enormity of NO.

What folly! Fate will but bestow
A little serendipity
And then will he be forced to go
To face at last the “enemy”
Discovering ability to conquer fear
Emerging free to grow

Ah, yes. This is not new, I know
Another choice, another chance
To change and challenge status quo
it need not cause such misery —
Be still my wretched heart and see
another opportunity to grow.

About loiscochran2020

I am a woman, age 70, who loves life, loves God, lives with and loves her dog and cat and keeps very busy with many different interests. I love to work in the yard, watch the birds, take long walks, sing in the choir, play guitar (not well), spend time with friends and family. I love a sip of red wine pretty regularly and chocolate very often. And, I have very recently been diagnosed with acute mylogenic leukemia.
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