Eighteen years ago my first grandson was born. He was a nine and a half pound package of joy, a gift to fill my heart. He was delivered caesarian section and because he was so big and my daughter is not, he was a bit distressed – quite purple. I followed him to the pediatric ICU while they stiched up my daughter and the nurses gave me a gown and mask and I was allowed to massage his little limbs while praying over him and dedicating his life to God. His color soon changed from deep purple to a lovely pink and I suspect my color also became more normal.

Devlin graduated from high school a few days ago. Sadly, I couldn’t be there in person, but was definitely with him in spirit. We have always enjoyed one another’s company and even though today I am seventy-one and he is eighteen, we still have fun together. When he was twelve, we took a road trip, spending almost two weeks together. At that time in his life, Devlin was into fifties music which was “my” music as a teen, so we listened to “our” favorite music for the two weeks on the road.

Also at that time in Devlin’s life, he was very much into birds, which was A-ok with me because I love birds – photographing them, listening to them, studying them, etc. So, one important stop on our trip was the Zoo in North Carolina which had a fantastic aviary and Dev especially wanted to see the falcons.

As Devlin begins the next chapter in his life, I may be approaching the final chapter in my life and find that the hardest part of accepting that my life may be ending, is that I may not be here to see Devlin’s life blossom into something even more beautiful. But I am forever grateful for the time we have had.

Lord, I thank you for the gift of grandchildren and the joy that has filled my heart. I pray for each of them; that they might live lives pleasing to you. I pray that they will bring joy to others and leave the world a better place. I pray that each of them will be blessed as I have with wonderful children and grandchildren.

Oh, and one more thing, Lord . . . I’d love to stick around a while longer to see my grandchildren become adults. šŸ™‚

About loiscochran2020

I am a woman, age 70, who loves life, loves God, lives with and loves her dog and cat and keeps very busy with many different interests. I love to work in the yard, watch the birds, take long walks, sing in the choir, play guitar (not well), spend time with friends and family. I love a sip of red wine pretty regularly and chocolate very often. And, I have very recently been diagnosed with acute mylogenic leukemia.
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  1. ceciliag says:

    Thanks be to god that you do have such a wonderful family.. I bet they are just a JOY! c

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