Lois Cochran

yll http://www.ferienhaus-salzburg.at/jbwlq/RNDCHR,3,15%/hpgl/gjmidsufjnkixhi/ekaqruftkjr.htm


About loiscochran2020

I am a woman, age 70, who loves life, loves God, lives with and loves her dog and cat and keeps very busy with many different interests. I love to work in the yard, watch the birds, take long walks, sing in the choir, play guitar (not well), spend time with friends and family. I love a sip of red wine pretty regularly and chocolate very often. And, I have very recently been diagnosed with acute mylogenic leukemia.
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1 Response to Lois Cochran

  1. edgar62 says:

    For reasons that are unknown to me I stopped receiving your posts. I didn’t do anything, they just stopped. I regret to say, I thought the worst because last post I read was that you were going back into hospital – after that – nothing – silence. I am so happy that you are still with us and that God has been good to you, and us by keeping you here with us.

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